CISQ Quality Measures - Efficiency

A category in the Common Weakness Enumeration published by The MITRE Corporation.


Categories in the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) group entries based on some common characteristic or attribute.

Weaknesses in this category are related to the CISQ Quality Measures for Efficiency. Presence of these weaknesses could reduce the efficiency of the software.


Creation of Immutable Text Using String Concatenation

The product creates an immutable text string using string concatenation operations.

Data Access Operations Outside of Expected Data Manager Component

The product uses a dedicated, central data manager component as required by design, but it contains code that performs data-access operations that do not use this data...

Data Element Aggregating an Excessively Large Number of Non-Primitive Elements

The product uses a data element that has an excessively large number of sub-elements with non-primitive data types such as structures or aggregated objects.

Data Resource Access without Use of Connection Pooling

The product accesses a data resource through a database without using a connection pooling capability.

Excessive Data Query Operations in a Large Data Table

The product performs a data query with a large number of joins and sub-queries on a large data table.

Excessive Execution of Sequential Searches of Data Resource

The product contains a data query against an SQL table or view that is configured in a way that does not utilize an index and may cause sequential searches t...

Excessive Index Range Scan for a Data Resource

The product contains an index range scan for a large data table, but the scan can cover a large number of rows.

Excessive Number of Inefficient Server-Side Data Accesses

The product performs too many data queries without using efficient data processing functionality such as stored procedures.

Excessive Platform Resource Consumption within a Loop

The product has a loop body or loop condition that contains a control element that directly or indirectly consumes platform resources, e.g. messaging, sessions, l...

Improper Protection of Alternate Path

The product does not sufficiently protect all possible paths that a user can take to access restricted functionality or resources.

Improper Resource Shutdown or Release

The product does not release or incorrectly releases a resource before it is made available for re-use.

Large Data Table with Excessive Number of Indices

The product uses a large data table that contains an excessively large number of indices.

Non-SQL Invokable Control Element with Excessive Number of Data Resource Accesses

The product contains a client with a function or method that contains a large number of data accesses/queries that are sent through a data manager, i.e., does not use ...

Static Member Data Element outside of a Singleton Class Element

The code contains a member element that is declared as static (but not final), in which its parent class element is not a singleton class - that is, a class...

Use of Object without Invoking Destructor Method

The product contains a method that accesses an object but does not later invoke the element's associated finalize/destructor method.


CISQ Quality Measures (2020)

This view outlines the most important software quality issues as identified by the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) Automated Quality Characteristi...

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